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Thermoformed/Vacuumed Packaging


Design Capabilities & Mould Fabrication

Our factory has its very own design team to support in designing practical and innovative packaging products for its customers. With this strength, customers enjoy shorter lead-time and lesser cost for their product development. The turn-around for modification and improvement on design is faster due to this in-house capability.

Our in-house CNC machinery and mould workshop are cost effective and efficient in the fabrication process for tooling from prototype stage to mass production stage through the life cycle of product development.

Fine tuning and improvement on tooling can be executed within a shorter leadtime and better accuracy.

Machineries & Facilities

Our production currently has 16 thermoforming machineries ranging from fully automatic, semi automatic and manual catering to the requirements of our customers’ specification.

8 units are Fully Automatic machine with 6 units from Germany, 1 unit from Japan and 1 unit from its local maker. There are 6 units of Semi Automatic machine, 5 units from Thailand and 1 unit from Taiwan.

There are 3 units of Manual machine catering to the low volume requirement.


From high volume to low run jobs, every job undergoes stringent quality control and assurance to ensure customer satisfaction upon receipt of goods. With this core value in providing quality products and services, our customer base has grown tremendously over the years since the company started business in 1980.

Our company has commendable records in maintaining & ensuring consistency in the various production processes. From designing to tooling, procuring of raw material to production; from each production process of heating, forming, cutting, stacking to packing; quality control plays a vital role in the multiple processes to produce the most efficient results to deliver high quality products to our customers.





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