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Aluminium Monobloc Can

Aluminium monobloc cans provide specialised internal coatings to cater for a diverse range of filling goods including industrial, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, sports and outdoor uses, as well as external coating systems that provide for novel decoration and shaping while ensuring utmost transport abrasion resistance.


Three-piece Tin Plate Can

Tinplate cans are now manufactured through a continuous electroplating process, where tin is directly plated onto a moving steel strip. A standard modern electrolytic tinplate line operates at up to 600 metres (2,000 feet) per minute and has a consumption of an average of 1,800 tons of tin with a yearly productive capacity of up to 300,000 tons.

Currently, about 90 percent of all tinplate finds its way into the packaging industry with tinplate cans being used for nearly all kinds of processed foods and a whole range of other products.